Kenneth Luongo, President

Kennth N. Luongo is a recognized innovator, entrepreneur, and leader in global nuclear and transnational security policy. He is the president and founder of the Partnership for Global Security (PGS) and the Center for a Secure Nuclear Future. He has authored nearly 100 articles, been a TEDx presenter, engaged extensively with global media, and briefed governments and audiences around the world on nuclear and transnational security challenges and responses. He served from 1994-1997 as the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Energy for Nonproliferation Policy and simultaneously as the Department of Energy’s Director of the Office of Arms Control and Nonproliferation, Director of the Department of Energy’s Russia and Newly Independent States Nuclear Material Security Task Force and Director of the North Korea Task Force. Mr. Luongo also was a Senior Visiting Fellow and Visiting Research Collaborator at Princeton University’s Program on Science and Global Security. Prior to these positions, he served as a professional staff member in the U.S. Congress with the House Armed Services Committee, Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), and Senator William Proxmire (D-WI).  Read more

Michelle Cann, Director of Operations and Projects

Ms. Michelle Cann is the Director of Operations and Projects at the Partnership for Global Security. Her primary research involves analyzing the evolution of global nuclear security policies, new approaches to transnational security challenges, outcomes of the Nuclear Security Summit process U.S. international threat reduction programs and budgets. She has written more than 30 reports, articles, and commentary on budget trends, political influences, and policy opportunities related to global nuclear and radiological security challenges. Read more


WylieGill Wylie, Research Associate 

Mr. Gill Wylie is a Research Associate at the Partnership for Global Security. His primary research focuses on transnational security, nuclear energy, and Korean policy issues. He recently graduated from The George Washington University majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Security Policy. He minored in Korean and is passionate about Korean reunification issues. Read more


FullSizeRenderGrecia Cosio, Research Assistant 

Ms. Grecia Cosio is a Research Assistant at PGS, where her primary research focuses on nuclear security and climate change issues. She recently obtained a M.A. on Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies from The Middlebury Institute of International Relations at Monterey. During her graduate studies she worked at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, where she conducted research for the Nuclear Threat Initiative on several issues, but in particular on the civilian use of highly enriched uranium by the French government. Read more

haysMariah Hays, Research Assistant 

Ms. Mariah Hays is a research assistant at Partnership for Global Security. Her research focuses on how advanced reactor technologies may affect nuclear security, safety, nonproliferation and climate change efforts. She previously interned with Senator Maria Cantwell’s office where she assisted with foreign affairs, including the vote on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. She also interned at the Henry L. Stimson center in the South Asia department working on nuclear issues in the region. Read more

FullSizeRenderDelaney Duff, Research Assistant 

Ms. Delaney Duff is a Research Assistant at the Partnership for Global Security. Her primary research focuses on the expansion of nuclear energy programs in Asia, transnational security issues, and nonproliferation. She is a sophomore at The George Washington University majoring in political science. Previously, she interned in California State Senator Patricia Bates office, where she conducted research on the relocation and storage of nuclear waste from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Read more

DSC_1496Ambassador John Bernhard, Senior Associate

Ambassador John Bernhard is a PGS Senior Associate and has served in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Adviser on International Law (1979-1989), Undersecretary for Administrative and Consular Affairs (1991-1994), Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Denmark to the IAEA (2005-2011), Member of the IAEA Board of Governors (2009-2011), Vice-Chairman of the IAEA Board (2010-2011), and an Agent of the Danish Government in cases before the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. He has held Ambassadorial posts in Venezuela, Spain, the Netherlands, and Austria. Read more


Caroline Jorant, Senior Associate

Ms. Caroline Jorant is a Senior Associate at PGS, and President of SDRI Consulting which is focused on international relations in the energy sector with a special emphasis in nuclear energy. She began her career working for the French government in charge of the coordination of the national positions in relation with the Euratom Treaty. Ms. Jorant spent 13 years with the French nuclear industry, first with COGEMA and then with AREVA, as the Director for Non-proliferation and International Institutions until 2010. Prior to that, she was appointed as the French representative to the Atomic Questions Group in the EU Council and worked at the French Permanent Representation to the EU (1992-1997). Read more


Dr. Anita Nilsson, Senior Associate

Dr. Anita Nilsson is a Senior Associate at PGS, and started her nuclear career in the Swedish Government structure at the Delegation for Atomic Energy, which later became the Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate where she held leadership positions with responsibilities for non-proliferation, international and national safeguards, bilateral nuclear cooperation and export control. She was in charge of the Swedish programme for nuclear security support to the Newly Independent States and the Baltic States and Coordinator of the Swedish Support Programme to the IAEA. She joined the IAEA in 1996 as the Senior Co-ordinator of the Department of Safeguards. Read more


Richard H. Rosenzweig, Senior Associate 

Mr. Rosenzweig is a Senior Associate at PGS and has 25 years of experience in government and the private sector with expertise in energy and environmental policy and markets. He recently published, “Global Climate Change Policy and Carbon Markets: Transition To A New Era.” The book assesses 25 years of climate change policy and makes recommendations for future policy making. Prior to that, he served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Natsource LLC, a leader in the global carbon and renewable energy markets. Natsource was one of the first and largest greenhouse gas asset managers in the world with over $1 billion in assets under management and was the largest buyer of carbon credits in the world through 2007. As COO, he was responsible for overseeing the company’s business units, ongoing operations and implementing its business strategy. Read more