Patrick Kendall is the Program Director at the Partnership for Global Security. His primary research focuses on global nuclear security and nonproliferation challenges, geopolitics, climate change issues, and the status of countries currently adopting nuclear energy. He provides program management and strategic communications support for the Global Nexus Initiative, the Nuclear Readiness Initiative, and the Initiative on Nuclear Security, Governance, and Geopolitics.

Patrick is a master’s graduate from American University’s School of International Service. He focused on global security issues and the history of international affairs during his studies. He gained experience with nuclear security and nonproliferation during his internships with the Stimson Center, the Hudson Institute, and the State Department’s Office of Nonproliferation Initiatives. He also previously served as an intern for PGS, conducting research focused on the increased proliferation of nuclear energy and weapons in South Asia and the Middle East, WMD nonproliferation policies and international enforcement, and the export of nuclear technology by Russia and China.