5 Priorities


After the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit, the 5 Priorities for Global Nuclear Security initiative was created as a collective collaboration of a number of organizations led by PGS to raise awareness about nuclear security and promote long-term solutions to strengthen the nuclear security regime.

The 5 Priorities provides a condensed, cohesive narrative and common vocabulary for explaining the gaps in the nuclear security regime and what can be done to solve them.



Nuclear materials are dangerous if unsecured.

The existing international nuclear security system is reactive, not proactive.



5 Priorities that push for bold, new actions that advance global nuclear security objectives, create a mechanism for continuous and measurable progress, and provide opportunities and incentives for all stakeholders to participate.

  1. Make the global nuclear security regime comprehensive.
  2. Share information to build global confidence.
  3. Implement measurable best practices and standards.
  4. Create a sustainable mechanism for continuous progress.
  5. Offer plans for eliminating civil HEU and reducing plutonium.


PGS also drove the creation of the 5 Priorities videos: