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The Coming Collapse of Russia’s Nuclear Exports:
An Opportunity for the U.S. and its Allies

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine and its unprecedented attack on an operating nuclearpower complex is causing reverberations and rethinking across the global civil nuclearsector. Russia’s actions have irreparably degraded its reputation and created theopportunity for responsible nations to dethrone Moscow as the world’s top nuclear energyexporter. In a new brief from the Global America Business…
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Creating U.S.-South Korea Cooperation on Climate Change, Clean Energy, and Technology Innovation Geopolitics

The U.S. and South Korea have deeply shared democratic values that underpin their alliance, societies, and economic strength. However, democracy is being seriously challenged by autocratic governments and the assertion that a centralized approach is a more efficient form of governmental decision-making. Faced with this challenge, it is essential for these two allies to expand…
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Non-Proliferation and Next-Generation Nuclear Power

The nuclear non-proliferation and security agendas seem intellectually immobile at a time when new challenges demand aggressive, non-traditional new thinking.  At the forefront of the new agenda is the increasing demonstration of climate change destructiveness at home and abroad and its intersection with the zero-carbon and steady electricity production attributes of next-generation nuclear power.  These…
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