Nuclear Power Coming Back for Geopolitical, Reliability and Zero-Carbon Reasons: an interview with Kenneth N. Luongo

China is a major nuclear power operator and its fleet is growing. If all of its building plans come to fruition, it will be the largest nuclear operating nation in the world at some point. It has not had a major nuclear accident and it has collaborated with some of the top western nuclear power companies, including from the U.S. and France. China also is in need of significant scaling of clean energy. It still is highly dependent on coal. So, nuclear energy makes sense for China as a domestic energy source.

In an interview with World Geostrategic Insights, PGS President Ken Luongo discusses the factors pushing nuclear power back to the global agenda, U.S. strategy as defined by the “International Nuclear Energy Act 2022”, China’s nuclear energy policy, and prospect for a U.S-China collaboration or greater rivalry and confrontation on nuclear power.

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