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ADVANCING NUCLEAR INNOVATION: Responding to Climate Change and Strengthening Global Security

Advancing Nuclear Innovation: Responding to Climate Change and Strengthening Global Security This report is a culmination of meetings and effort from Partnership for Global Security and the Nuclear Energy Institute under the Global Nexus Initiative. Advanced nuclear reactors, the smaller, flexible, and innovative nuclear technologies of the future, are rising in importance as the global community…
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Nuclear Power in a New Era

Nuclear Power in a New Era: Four Essential Policy Pillars For its Future In a new publication noted below, PGS President Kenneth Luongo identifies the 4 key policy pillars necessary for nuclear power to provide global value in the 21st century, explaining its vital role in supporting de-carbonization, strengthening geopolitical competitiveness, prioritizing innovation and technology,…
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The global nuclear governance system is facing a series of new challenges that require effective responses from a strong coalition of governments, the nuclear industry, professional associations, and the nuclear nonproliferation, security, and safety expert communities. In this policy memo, the Global Nexus Initiative (GNI) calls for a strengthening of the system through realistic continuous…
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