PGS President Kenneth Luongo provides his thoughts on why the U.S. and Saudi Arabia should engage in nuclear trade and how that would benefit both countries and the world.

"The decision by Saudi Arabia to pursue nuclear power is an important step but it cannot lead to nuclear proliferation or an arms race in the Middle East. Direct cooperation with the U.S on this technology will have important national and global security benefits. The U.S. represents the highest global standard in nuclear regulation and it has a long and strong record of opposing nuclear proliferation and strengthening global nuclear safety and security. These are important issues for the successful development and operation of the KSA nuclear plants. Further, the U.S. offers unsurpassed educational and national laboratory infrastructure for the education and training of personnel. It is vital to understand that the global security value the U.S. provides as an important alternative to other nuclear suppliers that do not exhibit the same deep commitment to strong non-proliferation and nuclear security standards."


Kenneth Luongo, President, Partnership for Global Security

Mr. Luongo was also quoted on this issue in "Crown Prince Visits US as House Holds Hearing on Saudi Nuclear Trade", published by NEI on March 22.


Photo credit: alhurra