The Coming Collapse of Russia’s Nuclear Exports:
An Opportunity for the U.S. and its Allies

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine and its unprecedented attack on an operating nuclearpower complex is causing reverberations and rethinking across the global civil nuclearsector. Russia’s actions have irreparably degraded its reputation and created theopportunity for responsible nations to dethrone Moscow as the world’s top nuclear energyexporter. In a new brief from the Global America Business…
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Breaking Russia’s Grip on Nuclear Energy Exports

Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has finally broken its energy spell on Europe. But this crack in Russian energy supremacy offers another valuable opportunity - to dethrone it as the world’s top global nuclear energy exporter. Responsible nuclear supplier nations will need to act fast and in concert to achieve this objective. There are three important messages…
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Getting Serious About Nuclear Geopolitics

Russia and China threw a gut punch in their confrontation with the U.S.-led international order in their summit joint statement last week. They are strategizing to “meet the growing demand of the leadership” of a “new era,” presumably one where the U.S. and its allies are downgraded to junior partners. This is a serious wake-up call. The two nations…
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Next-Gen Nuclear Stumbles Out of the Starting Gate

There is only one imperative for the next generation of nuclear energy – deliver a working, safe, and secure reactor that can support the global clean energy revolution in a ten-year window. For heralded micro-reactor rising star, Oklo, when that rubber hit the road it went flat. Last week the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission denied…
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