Where The U.S. Government Is Funding Nuclear Export

Four years ago, the Trump administration issued an analysis of the importance of restoring America’s civil nuclear competitiveness. One of its major recommendations was for the creation of “a whole-of-government approach to supporting the U.S. nuclear energy industry in exporting civil nuclear technology in competition with state-owned enterprises.” It has largely fallen to the Biden…
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A Gut Czech on America’s Nuclear Export Ambitions

As the fanfare surrounding the COP 28 decision to triple global nuclear energy by mid-century fades out, what’s coming into focus is the ill-preparedness of the U.S. to lead a global nuclear build out in a world where state support is now the new standard and American influence is receding.  The U.S. government is acting…
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Nuclear Nexus Challenges for the Coming Year

The decision by 25 nations at the COP28 international climate conference to support the tripling of nuclear energy by 2050 was a major milestone in the recognition of reality about how global zero-carbon energy will be achieved. This is a big aspiration and probably an unattainable objective. One analysis notes that this goal will require building “the equivalent of about…
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