• Luongo says U.S. nuclear industry is doing a lot on security
  • Key outcome is closer cooperation among civil society, government and industry
  • Gaps seen in international nuclear security regimes

April 7, 2016—At last week’s 2016 Nuclear Industry Summit, hundreds of senior nuclear industry leaders from around the world gathered in Washington, D.C., to discuss the industry’s global role in securing nuclear materials and installations. Organized by the Nuclear Energy Institute, the NIS was an official side event of 2016’s intergovernmental Nuclear Security Summit that brought together the heads of state from more than 50 countries to discuss similar topics.

The same week, the Fissile Materials Working Group organized another side event for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) involved in nuclear nonproliferation, the 2016 Nuclear Knowledge Summit: Solutions for a Secure Nuclear Future. The NGO summit released a statement about the “global effort to strengthen nuclear security.” In a first, the industry summit held a joint session with the NGO summit, with panels discussing security in emerging nuclear countries and nuclear security governance mechanisms.

Partnership for Global Security President Kenneth Luongo spoke at the joint session. Luongo shares with Nuclear Energy Overview his thoughts on the most pressing security issues at nuclear energy facilities at home and abroad.

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