Hosted by the Global American Business Institute (GABI), this workshop held a comprehensive discussion on the safe and secure expansion of nuclear power in order to make progress in reducing the environmental impact of energy generation through speakers Kenneth Luongo, President of Partnership for Global Security, and Dr. Everett Redmond, Senior Technical Advisor for New Reactor and Advanced Technology at the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Achieving progress towards decarbonizing and reducing the environmental impact of energy generation is arguably impossible without a significant expansion of nuclear power internationally. However, improving and strengthening the global nuclear governance system and maintaining high international standards in nuclear safety, security, and nonproliferation are essential for nuclear power to become a more integral part of the world’s energy portfolio. Current developments in the global nuclear market–including growing interest in nuclear power in developing regions and mounting challenges for nuclear energy in liberal democratic states–add complexity to the challenge of ensuring the safe and secure use of nuclear worldwide and addressing the issue of carbon and atmospheric emissions. Developing creative solutions, including novel multilateral arrangements and public-private partnerships, will likely be critical to solving these myriad issues comprehensively.

Read Mr. Luongo's remarks here.