Skyler Blake is a research assistant intern at the Partnership for Global Security, providing research support for the Global Nexus Initiative and the Initiative on Nuclear Security, Governance, and Global Security. He conducts analysis on the latest global developments regarding nuclear technologies and their implications for global security. He also performs on-site and remote research in Eastern Europe and the Baltic region on nuclear energy security issues, disinformation, and safeguards against emerging technologies in Eastern Europe, the Caucuses, and the Baltics.

Skyler is a recent undergraduate from Pace University in New York CIty, with a specialization in Eastern European/Baltic/Caucus regional security issues. He has gained experience from his cooperation with the New Europe Center - a prominent Ukrainian Euro-integration and Transatlantic security think-tank. He is interested in a variety of issues regarding global and regional energy security, regional energy integration, the US-Russia relationship, the Sino-Russian relationship, and the Transatlantic partnership.