Mr. Henrik Horne is a Research Assistant at the Partnership for Global Security, where he focuses on issues related to nuclear export strategies in the Asia-Pacific, nuclear governance and safeguards regimes, and nuclear command and control structures.

Mr. Horne is currently completing his Joint-Masters’ Degree in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. His academic research examines China’s nuclear export strategy, the motivations behind this strategy and how this impacts and influences the global nuclear governance system.

Prior to his masters’ program, Mr. Horne worked 8 years in the Norwegian Navy, where he specialized in force protection and maritime security, and acquired operational expertise in security strategy, risk management, and CBRN preparedness. He has also conducted independent research on energy security in the Caucasus for the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies and worked as a political risk analyst with Intelligence Fusion in Durham, UK.