Michelle Cann, Director of Operations and Projects


mcann at partnershipforglobalsecurity.org
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Ms. Michelle Cann is the Director of Operations and Projects at the Partnership for Global Security. Her primary research involves analyzing the evolution of global nuclear security policies, new approaches to transnational security challenges, outcomes of the Nuclear Security Summit process, and U.S. international threat reduction programs.

Cann has written more than 30 reports and articles on budget trends, political influences, and policy opportunities related to global nuclear and radiological security. She has experience organizing and presenting at international conferences, workshops, and private briefings in the United States, Western Europe, East Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. She has helped build and grow three international coalitions of nuclear experts, the Fissile Materials Working Group and Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group, and Global Nexus Initiative.

Cann is a member of the Young Professionals in Foreign Policy and the International Network of Emerging Nuclear Specialists. Her work has been quoted in news outlets around the world, including USA Today, RIA Novosti, El Pais, Korean Times, The Asian Age, The Australian, China Daily, France24, The Jakarta Globe, Global Post, Oman Observer, Times of Israel, and Khaleej Times.

Previously, she worked in Senator Arlen Specter’s Philadelphia Office on immigration issues, at Drexel University’s College of Arts and Science on civil defense strategies, and at Drexel’s Pennoni’s Honors College as a writing tutor. Ms. Cann earned her master’s degree in international science and technology policy at the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University and bachelor’s degree in history and political science from the College of Arts and Sciences at Drexel University.

Expertise: nuclear security, policy and budgets, transnational security, energy security, Nuclear Security Summits

Selected Publications:

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