The Fissile Materials Working Group (FMWG) is a non-governmental coalition of more than 80 organizations from around the world that are committed to improving fissile material security through the development of actionable policy proposals


The FMWG was formed in 2009 to support and help implement the goal of promptly securing all vulnerable fissile materials globally. The group engages with governments, industry, media, and the international expert community to find creative, cooperative solutions to global nuclear security challenges and amplify the work of its many member organizations. It draws media and high-level political attention to nuclear security, issues policy recommendations, and amplifies the work of its member organizations. The FMWG has eight consensus recommendations, which have been developed and published.

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FMWG Consensus Recommendations

1. Launch a “Next-Generation Nuclear Security Initiative.”
2. Accelerate efforts to secure and eliminate highly enriched uranium (HEU), plutonium, and nuclear weapon stockpiles.
3. Implement the Obama administration policy of minimizing HEU.
4. Request and aggressively pursue sufficient funding for removing and securing all vulnerable nuclear materials around the world.
5. Extend and expand the G-8 Global Partnership against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction.
6. Enhance the International Atomic Energy Agency’s role in promoting global nuclear security.
7. Strengthen the nuclear security regime through a framework convention that institutionalizes comprehensive standards of performance and responsibility.
8. Five recommendations to secure plutonium stocks and reduce their use.

Download and read the full recommendations document here.

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