Connecting the Dots to Fight Nuclear Terrorism and Climate Change

Credit: Mariusz Kluzniak

Credit: Mariusz Kluzniak

Kenneth N. Luongo and Kenneth Brill

World leaders can make progress in preventing nuclear terrorism and simultaneously support the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement if they can connect the dots between the carbon free world that we need and the strengthened nuclear security regime that is required to support it. These interconnected issues need to be the focus at the upcoming and final Nuclear Security Summit in Washington on April 1.

There is little doubt that if terrorists acquire nuclear material they will use it. Al Qaeda long ago pledged to obtain a nuclear device. ISIS recently shadowed a nuclear official in Belgium, a country with fissionable nuclear material. High intensity radioactive sources used for medical and industrial purposes – and the key component of a dirty bomb – go missing with regularity.

These threats, fed by serious gaps in the global nuclear security system, undermine international confidence in nuclear power, an essential non-carbon emitting energy source that is growing to meet climate pledges in Asia and expanding to conflict ridden regions like the Middle East.

Read more from the Huffington Post.


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