Nuclear News: May 14, 2015

Photo Credit: Ipernity (Flickr)

Photo Credit: Ipernity (Flickr)

Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Station is Storing Waste in a ‘Shocking’ Way, May 13

Concerns have been raised by environmentalists and atomic power experts over the way waste is being stored at Europe’s largest nuclear power station, in crisis-ridden Ukraine.
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S. Korea Names Nuclear Energy Negotiator as New Ambassador to Russia, Shanghai Daily, May 14
Argentina-China Talks on New Nuclear Power Plants, World Nuclear News, May 8

Russian Atomenergomash Welds Reactor Vessel for Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant, Belarusian News, May 14
CNNC Gets Approval to Raise $2.6 Billion in China Nuclear Push, Bloomberg Business, May 13

Shika Nuclear Power Plant Faults Not Inactive, Japan News, May 14
Belgian Units to Remain Offline Until November, World Nuclear News, May 13
Sabotage Conviction Overturned Against Nun, Fellow Activists at Break-In at Nuclear Weapons Complex, Security Info Watch, May 11

Calling for a North East Asia Free of Nuclear Weapons, Japan Times, May 14
Saving Nuclear Energy Plants Means Saving Jobs, The Hill, May 13
Russia – Jordan Nuclear Cooperation, Middle East Monitor, May 13

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