Partnership for Global Security

The Nuclear Security Summit: Progress Report on Joint Statements

Kelsey Davenport, Michelle Cann and Jenna Parker

At the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, countries built on a model established at the 2012 Seoul summit, which advances critical nuclear security goals through voluntary collaboration on multilateral actions. In Seoul, groups of countries pledged to collaborate on priority issues, and to strengthen and improve these areas in voluntary joint statements, also referred to as “gift baskets.” “Gift basket diplomacy” has been one of the most important and unique innovations of the summit process. These multilateral political commitments cover a wide range of technical, educational, and legislative issues that are necessary for improving global nuclear security. They emphasize the importance of regional and international cooperation and allow states to effectively cooperate on issues of mutual concern. The joint statements have no predefined format, structure, or reporting mechanisms. Instead, they encourage creativity, dynamism and new leadership to address the transnational challenge of nuclear security. The success of these multilateral efforts led to a continuation and expansion of the practice at the 2014 summit. Download the Full Report (PDF) Download the Assessment of Joint Statements Fact Sheet (PDF) Download Highlights from the 2014 Progress Reports (PDF)