Nuclear News – December 11, 2014

Credit - Catholic Church of England

Credit – Catholic Church of England

Pope Francis Calls for Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Dec. 9

Pope Francis has called on world leaders, activists and people to pull together to rid the world of the threat of nuclear weapons. “The nuclear weapons are an issue affecting all nations with negative consequences for future generations and the planet,” the Pope said. Full Story

IAEA to Get More Money for Iran Nuclear Deal Monitoring, Reuters, Dec. 11
Kazakhstan Says Ready to Host P5+1 Iran Nuclear Talks, TASS, Dec.11

Russia to Build 10 More Nuclear Reactors in India, PM Modi Announces During Putin Visit, South China Morning Post, Dec. 11
Russia and Hungary Update Cooperation Agreement, World Nuclear News, Dec. 10

Nuclear Energy Poised to be Winner, as Abe Eyes Broader Japan Majority, Bloomberg, Dec. 9
Nuclear Energy Firms Raise Stakes in Projects, Nasdaq, Dec. 9

Uncrackable Encryption Could Secure More Than Weapons, FCW, Dec. 8
China Reactor Design Passes Safety Review, World Nuclear News, Dec. 8
Maths Model Could Improve Nuclear Safety, Laboratory Talk, Dec.5

The Mysteries of UAE’s Nuclear Program, World Policy Blog, Dec. 11
Nuclear Weapons: Not as Secure as You’d Think, Aljazeera, Dec. 5
Talk is Cheap: Washington Attends the Humanitarian Initiative on Nuclear Weapons Impact, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Dec. 5

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