Nuclear News – August 27, 2014

Vietnam, US Sign Cooperation Agreements to Support Nuclear Safety Program, August 26

The MOU was signed on August 14 after the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee approved an agreement on civilian nuclear co-operation between the US and Vietnam, allowing American firms to expand business in Vietnam’s nuclear power market. The two countries signed a co-operation agreement last October, which was approved by the US president in February. Full Story

Photo Credit: VARANSPhoto Credit: VARANS

US NRC Commission Approves Rule on Continued Spent-Fuel Storage, Platts, August 26
Nuclear Industry Commends NRC for Finalizing Used Fuel Storage Rule, Globe Newswire, August 26

Iran Modifies Arak Reactor over Nuclear Concerns, AFP, August 27
Deadline Passed, No Sign of Breakthrough in Iran Nuclear Probe, Reuters, August 27
Some in East Colluding with West in Iran Nuclear Sabotage: AEOI, PressTV, August 25

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon Appeals India, 7 Others to Ratify Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, The Economic Times, August 26
Obama, Xi Expected to Discuss N. Korea’s Nuclear Program During APEC, Yonhap News Agency, August 25

California Nuclear Plant Gets Thumbs Down from Expert Over Quake Fears, RT, August 26
US Scientist Pleads Guilty to Taking Government Laptop to China, Reuters, August 26
National Security: Lessons Learned Drawn from Perfect Heists, Scientific Computing, August 25
Experts Want More Debate on Risks of Volcanoes Near Nuclear Plant, Global Post, August 25

Japanese Public Seen as Biggest Obstacle to Nuke Restart, Bloomberg, August 27
Fujian’s Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant Connects to Grid,Want ChinaTimes, August 26
DoE Doles out $67 Million to Advance Nuclear Reserach, Clean Energy Innovation, The American Ceramic Society, August 25

Environmentalists Must Stop Ignoring the Needs of Poor Nations When Combating Global Warming, New Statesman, August 25.
Is This Nuclear Power System Set for Disaster?, Wall Street Daily, August 25


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