Countries Commit to Secure Nuclear Material At Hague Summit

Michelle Cann and Lesley McNiesh

credit: Dutch Ministry of Defence

credit: Dutch Ministry of Defence

World leaders meeting in The Hague for the Nuclear Security Summit took important steps to strengthen nuclear security with 35 of the 53 participating states committing to fully implement international recommendations for securing nuclear and radiological materials. All states at the summit signed on to a consensus statement that built on the work done at two previous summits in Washington and Seoul. It specifies voluntary measures that countries should take to build confidence in the effectiveness of their national nuclear security systems.

The Nuclear Security Summit process was launched by President Barack Obama during a speech in Prague in 2009 where he called for “an international effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear materials in four years.” At the closing press conference on Tuesday, President Obama touted the accomplishments of the summit process, but acknowledged that significant work remains to prevent nuclear terrorism. In 2016, the United States will host the fourth and likely final summit.

Full text available at Think Progress.

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