Partnership for Global Security

Policy Memo: Fortifying the Nuclear Security Regime

In five months, more than 53 heads of state will convene in The Hague for the third Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), where countries will have a chance to go beyond securing fissile materials and address the challenges of nuclear security governance. Progress on that front is critical to ensuring the NSS process results in a stronger nuclear security system that continues to improve even after the 2016 summit in the United States.

At its 54th annual Strategy for Peace Conference, the Stanley Foundation, together with the Partnership for Global Security and the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, convened a workshop of the Nuclear Security Governance Experts Group on October 16-18, 2013. This policy memo that offers highlights of the discussion “Preventing Weak Links in Nuclear Security: A Strategy for Soft and Hard Governance” and recommendations from roundtable participants.

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